Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear Baby

Dear Little Kicker
You are getting so strong!!! I can't believe only 4 more months until we all get to kiss you and hold you and hug you! We are so excited!!  I think you are going to have a sweet tooth, I have been craving sweets this whole pregnancy! At the beginning I wanted ice cream all the time, then  from October to January I wanted cinnamon almonds... which I ate a ton of.... and these last 2 weeks I want chocolate donuts with sprinkles.  Please help me out a little and crave things like your big sister did such as salad and spinach and lots of fruit.  Even Sam wanted broccoli and cheese soup or broccoli fettuccine Alfredo!! 
Also, if you could stop kicking me while I eat, I will be able to eat more per sitting and not have to snack all day!  And when I lay down I know you finally have room to stretch but mom wants to sleep.

I love you little one.
Dad loves you.
Hadleigh loves you maybe most of all.

What should we name you?!?
We have about 6 ideas but can't seem to find one that fits perfectly.
I know whatever we pick, will fit you like a tiara!

Update on me:
Weight Gained: 16 lbs *(136.2)
Stretch Marks: No new ones, very very light
Cravings: Sweets
Morning Sickness: Going away

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