Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear Baby

Dear Little Kicker
You are getting so strong!!! I can't believe only 4 more months until we all get to kiss you and hold you and hug you! We are so excited!!  I think you are going to have a sweet tooth, I have been craving sweets this whole pregnancy! At the beginning I wanted ice cream all the time, then  from October to January I wanted cinnamon almonds... which I ate a ton of.... and these last 2 weeks I want chocolate donuts with sprinkles.  Please help me out a little and crave things like your big sister did such as salad and spinach and lots of fruit.  Even Sam wanted broccoli and cheese soup or broccoli fettuccine Alfredo!! 
Also, if you could stop kicking me while I eat, I will be able to eat more per sitting and not have to snack all day!  And when I lay down I know you finally have room to stretch but mom wants to sleep.

I love you little one.
Dad loves you.
Hadleigh loves you maybe most of all.

What should we name you?!?
We have about 6 ideas but can't seem to find one that fits perfectly.
I know whatever we pick, will fit you like a tiara!

Update on me:
Weight Gained: 16 lbs *(136.2)
Stretch Marks: No new ones, very very light
Cravings: Sweets
Morning Sickness: Going away

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sugar and Spice

And Everything Nice
That's what little girls are made of!

And we are going to have TWO little girls running around our house here in 4 months!!

We found out we were having a girl back in December.  We told our families by blowing up black balloons and I filled them with colored glitter and then they had to pop them to see what it was... pink or blue!

It was so fun! And Hadleigh really liked watching everyone pop the balloons.   She was a little excited and let it slip a couple times what it was but that's ok.  She's 4.

She has been really protective of me lately.  Every time the dogs jump up onto a chair or couch I'm on she tells them to get down so they don't jump on the baby.  She also makes sure that I'm eating healthy.  And when I get in the hot tub she asks me if I'm hot so the baby won't get too hot and die.  Which is true... but I get out about 15 min and drink 16 oz of cold water while in there to keep my body temp down.
Every night she hugs and kisses my tummy and says good night baby.

She thinks we are going to name her Jemma... which we might but we are still choosing which name we like the best.  So as soon as we know we will let you know.  I'm not big on keeping it secret.  If someone likes the name and wants to use it then I feel flattered!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We're excited to announce...

I'm Pregnant!!!

We are all so excited to be expanding our family!

After trying for over a year and the horrible miscarriage experience we had last year and some other medical issues I had experienced I thought that Hadleigh was our only one, unless we adopted.  I was sad but coped fairly well and early with whatever Heavenly Father had planned for me I was okay with it.  I just wanted me to be healthy and for Hadleigh to have the best mom.  

I thought that I had gotten a bug from Hadleigh since she had started preschool and one of the kids was sick but I was wrong.  Jordon mentioned taking a test since I was a few days late (which was my new normal) and I thought why not?!  Although I  was worried since I was fighting my first yeast infection that the test would some how be affected... is that weird?!

Took a test and the first positive was really light.  I decided to wait to take the second until the next morning and that one came back super strong and bold! I was excited!!! I found out right before Valeigha had Maizlee and it was so hard keeping it a secret!

We waited until we passed not only the 12 week mark (miscarried at 12 last year) and same date (Nov 6)
before we told our siblings and waited until my appointment today to tell the world!!  I was nervous since I was pregnant about the same last year so Jordon was really good at calming all my nerves.

Anyways, we are super excited and can't wait to see the babe at our next appointment.
Hadleigh is sooo excited about being a big sister.  I have been searching for a "big sister" tee so if you see one in a size 4t or 5 grab it for me! 

When we first told her she was wanting a little sister but we were trying to get her to be excited about maybe having a little brother too and now she thinks I'm having twins!! Which we really wouldn't mind.... so
here's to a healthy baby (ies).

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Month of School has finished

Hadleigh has been in school for a month now!!  She is learning so much!  I wish that I would have known about the school last year so that she could've taken Miss April's 3 yr old class.  She is already pulling the " I can't remember what I learned today" card.  But she will start telling me little by little through out the rest of the day.  When she is playing she will sing a song or two that she has learned in Preschool.  Her favorites include Chewy, Chewy, Bubble Gum, I love it, I love it and All through the town.... I can't remember what the real names of the songs are. 

I am so happy that she is enjoying school.  She is slowly making friends and writing better.  She can definitely write her H's and A's and L's but we need a little more work on the other letters.  Good thing she likes writing.

She went on her first field trip on the 1st to the Fish Hatchery in American Falls.  She thought it was so cool... and so did we!  Jordon had the day off and came with us.  We sure love when he gets to spend time with us.  They have some fish they call Magnum and the kids got to feed them and when they threw the food in they jumped out of the water!!  It was so fun to watch her giggle so much.  But she and Jordon got fish water on their clothes and in their mouths!!

Her next field trip is on the 23rd to a pumpkin patch and both Jordon and I can go again!! It will be her last trip until next year but it's going to be a fun one!  And I'm helping in her class for the Halloween party!!

October is going to be an eventful and exciting month!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The first cut is the deepest....

Well technically I am not cut or heart broken but I am a little sad.  I am learning today to let go of my baby a little more. This is a slow process for me since she may be the one and only child we have.  I feel like each little thing is a huge thing!  

Last night when I was brushing her teeth I was telling her that she started school today and she got a little teary eyed.  She then asked me " Are you going to leave me there?" and tears came running down her face.  I said "Of coarse not.  It will only be for a few hours honey." And gave her a big hug.  She was ok after that.

But in all honesty it feels like I left her there forever.  And it's only been a half hour!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I can't believe that its taken me over a week to post about little miss and her dr appointment.  I was late scheduling it b/c we were having so much fun with family and I had just forgotten it until her actual birthday and then her party.... anyways we were lucky enough to get her in quickly.  Dr. Brandon was booked til the end of August but we saw his P.A. which is amazing. I figure that if our Dr. trusts him enough to employ him then so should we.  She had to get some shots to start preschool in a couple weeks but she took them like a pro!  Didn't move or scream or cry at all... she just held still and after the first one she whispered to me "Mom,  it hurts." I said " I know. You're almost done."  The nurse then did her 2nd shot which Hads watched go in!!  Brave, Brave girl.  I am so proud of her!  She wont need shots until she is in 2nd grade!!!

She went from this: 8.3 lbs 21 1/2 in

To this: 37.4 lbs 41 in

Monday, July 29, 2013

Somebody turned FOUR!!!!

Hadleigh turned 4 on Thursday the 25th.  She is becoming quite the young lady.  She loves pink.  She loves dresses, even though I make her wear shorts underneath.  She loves animals.  She loves princesses.  She loves fairies and playing dress up.  She loves dinosaurs and dragons.  She loves our dogs.  She likes to "make" food for us to "eat".  She likes having her nails painted.  She is smart.  She picks up on things so quickly you have to watch what you say.  She likes motorcycles and four wheelers.  She is learning how to spell her name and the correct ABC's.  She can count to 20 when she wants to.  She is learning to tell time.  She is learning the days of the week. She loves church and learning about Christ.  She has a great imagination and comes up with the silliest stories.  She wants a big brother or sister... how that's going to happen I dunno.  She is warming up to babies.... one yr old are more fun.  She is an amazing helper- she loves to do dishes, dust, clean the bathroom, baseboards and doors, feed the dogs and take them for walks.  She is our little Jungle Baby.
 She loves fruit and juice.
She loves swimming and water.
She loves climbing in trees.
She loves to be barefoot.
She loves to be outside.

So we had a Safari themed birthday party for her on Saturday the 27th.  We BBQ and had smores for dessert. But I also made cupcakes so she could blow out the candles.  She likes anything with sugar so we were OK with smores.  Plus roasting marshmallows is always fun for kids.  The kids decorated visors before the party and then after they painted masks.  Boys had Lions.  Girls had Elephants.  We had so much fun.  I hope that everyone else did too! Your thank you cards are in the mail!! Happy birthday Sweetheart.

With that said.....
 My baby girl isn't a baby anymore! I know I said that last year but it is becoming more of a reality to me.  And it makes me sad.  I love having her home with me (most of the time) and enjoy our time together.  I don't know what I am going to do when she is in school full time in 2 years!  The thought of her starting preschool next month brings tears to my eyes. It is so bitter sweet.  The 2 hour break, 2 times a week will be nice "me" time, but it also means she is growing up and needing me less.  If we aren't able to get pregnant again and she is our only child what will be my purpose once she starts First Grade?  Our house isn't big enough to need cleaning everyday and it's hard to find a job during school hours only so what will I do with my time? I guess I could start massaging again (which I love doing!) But that means gaining clients (which I already had but referred to my friends when I was pregnant) and that is hard in a small community like Pocatello where there are already sooo many great Therapists.  Maybe I will go back to school.  I was thinking maybe cosmetology so I could do Massage Therapy and Facials?! I dunno.  Would that even be a good idea?
Welcome To Our Crazy Wonderful life!